Shakespeare's Bookshops

Port Noarlunga and Blackwood

Welcome to Shakespeare’s bookshops, located in the serene seaside village of Port Noarlunga and the wonderful wooded suburb of Blackwood. Our aim is to make book lovers’ lives as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Reading is supposed to be an education, or a way of shaking off the busy hustle bustle of life and escaping into a world of fantasy and fiction.

So instead of a demanding trip to a busy indoor shopping centre, why not visit a family run, friendly bookshop where customer service is our number one priority?  Park in the free car parks located near the bookshops and browse through the many titles held in stock.  And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us find it for you. Or you can purchase gift vouchers to use at either of our stores.


The Shakespeare’s Team:

Becky Lucas – Manager and General Sales

Mike Lucas – Manager and Accounts

Beth Miller – Educational Consultant 

Katie, Hope, Chris - Port Noarlunga Sales

Steven, Meagan, James - Blackwood Sales

Don’t make your book shopping a drama – come to Shakespeare’s